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Slot Playing Strategy
Image Slot Reviews Alexis Sparks

Everyone wants to win when playing slot games, and a lot of the time it is down to pure luck in regards to when you start playing a slot machine. However, there are plenty of slot players who will religiously stick to playing slots in one way or another and those players will all have their own unique slot playing strategy.

You may be looking into putting together your own slot playing strategy, and if that is the case we shall now give you details of one type of slot playing strategy that a lot of video slot players tend to have in place whenever they choose to play slot games online.

How those players will structure each slot playing session on any video slot is to divide up their available and allocated slot playing bankroll into unit stakes of 100 times its value, so to make things easy let’s say you have a bankroll of 100.00, then you should look to play each base game spin for a stake of 1.00.  More information can be found here.

By doing so those players will then be guaranteed of having at least 100 spins on that slot which will give them an increased chance of not only spinning in a winning combination but also triggering that games bonus feature round.

However, as you are going to be spinning in some base game winning payout during those 100 base game spins then you will have even more spins you can play off with those winnings, which may just be enough to trigger the bonus round on which all manner of cash prizes can be won.

That slot playing system and strategy is just as good as any other, but as all slot games are completely random in their design you will have no real way of knowing if you are going to win or lose no matter how many base game spins you play off, however the more you do play off the more winning chances you will then have.

Another way that we do know a lot of players try and get the maximum winning opportunities is by only every playing slot games with bonus credits which they have been awarded via a new player sign up bonus offer or as part of an ongoing promotional deal.

However, there can be some pitfalls of playing with a casino bonus and one thing to ensure so that the bonuses you are thinking of using have only the very lowest of play through requirements attached to them, as that will give you an easier chance of reaching those play through requirements!

Finding a slot game that you can always rely on to give you a fair chance of winning on will entail you looking for a slot with something of an above average payout percentage, and it is with that in mind we would suggest you look at playing the Tiki Island slot.

That slot comes with a whole host of featured and bonus games, however the main reason why every slot player really is going to want to get stuck into playing it is that it has a payout percentage of some 96.29% so you will always be in with a reasonable chance of winning when you play it online.

One thing to be aware of when playing come slot games more so those with bonus features is that when playing off the bonus games it is often the stake levels you are playing the base game for that will ultimately determine just how much you will win when the bonus games finally trigger.

So do try and play slots with a stake level you can afford, and if you can afford to play slots such as the many different ones available from Gamesys for slightly higher stakes then do so, as that will ensure you do always have the maximum chances of winning big when the bonus games trigger.

Best Pick to Win Slot Bonus Game

There are lots of all singing and all dancing video slots that will award you with one of several different types of pick and win bonus rounds, and there is a very good chance you have placed those types of slots and are looking to play some more of them.

However, you will of course be looking for a slot that offers you the chance of winning very big off those bonus games, for there are some slots which tend to award only small amounts from any pic and win styled bonus games they have attached to them.

Below you will find information on one slot game which we know many players are always going to love playing, so do keep reading on for more details of that must play slot. Just keep in mind though that you are not going to win big when those bonus games trigger and you may get a small series of them triggering in quick succession that only award a tiny amount of cash!

However, by ensuring that when you play those types of slots that you have enough cash in your casino account to play off a large number of base game spins then you will have more chances of being awarded with the pick to win rounds.

So divide your bankroll up into little unit stake amounts for the more spins you can get out of your bankroll the more chances of winning you will have not only via the pick and win rounds but also via the base game too, so do not be afraid of playing for low stakes and large payouts may just be coming your way with a little bit of luck that is!

It is often the case that when you play a slot on which some bonus pick-to-win feature round can be awarded to you the amount of cash you stand to win will be determined by the stake levels you are playing for or the number of bonus symbols that triggered the

With there always being a payout percentage attached to every slot game it may not always be the case that the slots offering the most bonus games and bonus features are going to be offering you the highest payout percentages.

However, one slot game that does come with more than enough bonus games to keep you interested in it is the Tiki Island slot which is quite unique in that it also offers playing in addition to its bonus games a huge payout percentage of 96.29%.

That slot is not of course the only highly playable pick to win awarding bonus game slot you will have access to and the designer of that slot machine is a company called Gamesys who have designed and launched hundreds of different slot games online over the last few years.

So do try and track down a site offering their great playing and high paying slot games for you will be spoilt for choice in regards to just which slots you will be able to get stuck into playing when you do so.

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot
Image Slot Reviews Alexis Sparks

Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the popular slots among the people in the UK. Designed by Net Entertainment – the company behind other games like Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst. This slot has 20 pay lines and five reels.

This slot gives a player enough opportunities to form winning combinations. You need to wait patiently for the reels to stop spinning. As soon as the reels stop, the system will automatically check for the winning combo and award you accordingly. Most slots follow a payout table. Hence, as per the table, you’ll receive the coins.

Based on a fairytale by the same name, it has some great features such as bonus round, scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers and much more.

Jack and the Beanstalk slot is available in both, the free as well as the paid version. If you are playing it for the first time, it makes sense to try the free version before playing with real money.

Getting Started with Jack and the Beanstalk Slot!

600,000 credits can be won by a player on a single bet.

The coin denomination starts from 0.01 and can go as high as 0.50 for a single line. The maximum and the minimum bet amount for this slot is 100 and 0.01 respectively.

A maximum of 10 coins can be wagered for every pay line. The jackpot amount is a stunning 1,000 coins and the second highest amount that can be won from this slot is a generous 750 coins.

Jack and the Beanstalk Logo-The Wild Symbol!

Jack and the Beanstalk logo acts as the wild symbol for this slot. This can substitute any other symbol and help a player complete the winning combination.

That being said, the wild symbol of this slot is incapable of substituting the Magic Beans, which serves as the scatter symbol. The latter helps a player to get into the free spins round.

On the other hand, the wild symbol is responsible for activating the Walking Wild feature. Like other slots, in this slot too, only a single winning combination is paid by the house. In case you end up with multiple winning combinations, you’ll be paid for the one with the highest value.

The Walking Wild Feature

This is a very special feature that makes this game unique. With the appearance of the wild symbol, this feature gets activated. This is nothing but a re-spin feature. It stays as long as the wild symbols are on the reels. The win gets tripled with this re-spin. In this feature too, a single winning combination is paid out.

Magic Beans-The Scatter Symbol!

The Magic Beans acts as the scatter symbol. It need not appear in a sequence to complete a winning combination. It can appear anywhere on the reels. A player needs to have at least three of these symbols to enter the free spins round.

The Free Spins Round

As soon as a player enters the free spins round, 10 free spins are awarded. The control buttons get deactivated including the pay line selector.

If a player manages to get three scatter symbols, they are awarded with a minimum of five free spins. In case a player manages to get the Key symbol on the fifth reel, then they can participate in three other features-Stacked Moneybag, Stacked Golden Hens and Expanding Golden Harps.

The Final Verdict

Play this slot and relive your childhood memories of Jack and the Beanstalk. This is a fun slot that will also let you make a lot of money!

Ladbrokes Promo Code
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Ladbrokes is the retail market leader in the gambling and betting industry all over the UK. The company has a very strong presence in countries such as Spain, Belgium and Ireland.

It employs over 17,000 people across the globe and the number is growing by the year. It is a premium online and offline company providing players with high level of gaming experience through top-notch services.

It has more than 2,500 retail stores across the UK. This company is more famous among the big punters for its high limits. If you are looking for a bookmaker, which not only provides entertainment, but also give you a real shot of making some money, then this company is the one for you! There is also a Ladbrokes bonus code that can be used to take advantage of a free casino bonus and sports bet, when you sign up.

Betting via Ladbrokes

Apart from being the leader in the retail market, the company has betting points at many premier grounds. Thousands of customers also use the online betting option extended by the company.

Ladbrokes has a unique telephone betting facility, which is offered by only a few players in the betting industry. They have approximately 85,000 customer transactions every day through their website.

The phone betting has attracted another 800,000 active customers to their website. They offer services to all their customers through not one, but 13 unique websites.

The company deals with more than 15 currencies and is operational round the clock, 365 days a year!

Customer Support

Ladbrokes being leader in the retail market leader has a very strong focus on their customer service. The support is extended 24/7 and 365 days a year.

There is a dedicated team who assist customers for any kind of issues. The customer service team can be reached through phones, emails, live chat and direct call. There is a separate number for the UK and a separate one for international customers.

All problems are addressed within a span of two to three hours. Many languages are supported by the customer service team. If you speak a language other than English, then you will have no problem conversing with the customer service team.

The Mobile Platform

The company has worked quite a bit on their IT facilities. You can access the mobile platform with your existing account.

The platform is sleek and a delight to play on. The mobile app can be used for placing bets and getting other useful information too. This is possible because you can log in to your account while accessing the website through your laptop. You’ll need to have either the app or WAP to access mobile platform facility.

Signing Up at Ladbrokes

The process of signing up is easy and fast. All you need to do is fill up the online application form and complete the registration process. The second step requires a player to submit at least one authentic bank account details. Once the account gets verified, a player is good to go. The entire process shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The company accepts an array of credit and debit cards to deposit money. The facilities are seamless and a player need not worry much about them. Neither extra charges are marked against currencies of other countries, nor does any processing fee apply.

You can withdraw your money whenever and whatever amount you want. The money usually takes two to three business days to arrive in your bank account. However, in case of a cheque, it takes a little more time to for the transaction to be completed.

The Final Verdict

This is a company which is ideal for professionals and people looking to make money by placing bigger stakes. All the features are helpful and it is very easy for a beginner to explore various options without any hassle.

The only aspect where the company needs to give a little bit of attention is the service towards English speaking crowds.

Bet365 Review and Bonus Offers
Image Casino Reviews Alexis Sparks

Bet365, the renowned bookmaker is set to expand and create well over 500 jobs in what is believed to be million Pound expansions. Sources reveal that the company is all set to shift base to Etruria from its old office in Festival Park.

The company has submitted a new plan to come up with a multi storey building by knocking down its old office. The gambling giant, which is already 2,200 strong in terms of workforce, will be able to accommodate more than 600 people in the coming decade.

The new office, which has an estimated office space of 1,300 metre square, is double of the old office that the company had at Forge Lane. In an exclusive bite to a journalist, the CEO, Denise Coates was found excited when he mentioned that the company is extremely proud to become the largest employer of Stoke-on-Trent. Coates believe that this is not only good news for the company, but it is also great news for the city as well!

The CEO also went on to mention that Bet365 contributes a significant amount to the economy by contributing over £80 million in wages of its staff. The new office building and the new hiring will ensure that the company keeps adding value to the economy.

This expansion will also be beneficial for its other businesses. He also said that the company has reached a stage where they have more employees and inadequate office space to sustain the growth, which is likely to happen in the immediate future. This will help the company cope up with the growth in terms of office space and employee strength.

According to latest figures revealed by the company, Bet365 grew at an astounding rate where the pre-tax income of the company stood at approximately £180 million. This is a flat 50% growth as compared to its previous year.

With the latest expansion, the company is set to increase its revenue figure at the same margin if not more in the coming few years. The overall profit before tax of the last financial year was actually £38 million more than the last year.

Out of the total amount, around 30 million was passed on to Stoke city, which incidentally is the sister-concern of Bet365. Figures also highlighted that approximately a stunning £20 billion got wagered last year and that the active customer base of the company stood at more than two million-a great achievement for a bookmaker!

Sources reveal that the new office will be unveiled by early 2016 and at the same time the demolition of the existing building will be initiated from next summer. There is also a possibility that the old office could be sold off or put on rent. This bit of news has received thunderous applause from the local business community.

The Central MP of the city welcomed the new move from the company and said in a statement that the company has always been dedicated to the city and its growth.

The website itself is one of the most professional looking betting sites on the web and it also offers an excellent welcome bonus when signing up. Visit to find out more about this great offer.